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  • Fubang announcement: July Staff Meeting held successfully! [2019-08-23]

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    July Staff Meeting held successfully!
    datetime:2019-08-23   Hits:723

    Aug 12, 2019,our company finishing operations department and cutting operations departmentheld a staff meeting. The meeting summed up all the achievements anddeficiencies of the last month.  Alsothey have arrange and layout of the main work content and target, especially emphasizeon safety production, fire safety and some important parts of the equipmentmaintenance.

    Meanwhile , thehead of department analyzed the production capacity of July, point out theproblems in production, and list some good cases for everyone.

    Meeting inspiredeveryone's passion for work, it let the staff have more confidence, actively devoteto the work, create much more values. Learning from the past, and looking forwardto the future, every staff meeting is an important process of personal growth. Hardworking,let us create a bright future together!

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