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  • Fubang announcement: July Staff Meeting held successfully! [2019-08-23]

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    Super burning! The sixth fire-fighting sports meet of Dingqiao town ended successfully!
    datetime:2019-07-01   Hits:938

    A fire-fighting was held on the playground of Dingqiao primary school on June 30th, 2019.

    Though it was rained heavily in the morning, the enthusiasm was not dampened by the rain and even rising.

    On-site Overview

    The first event was a competition of wearing fireproof suit.

    The players of Fubang completed with professional, fast and standard operation procedure after training.


    The second event was men's and women's 100 meters individual fire fighting.The competitors completed in strict accordance with fire fighting procedures and got lots of encouragement and applause.


    The third event was a competition of two water pipes connecting.In the event, the players moved quickly, consistently and strove to complete in the shortest time.



    The last event was the 4 x 100 mixed relay race.Each participant operated rapidly and contended for first place.


    Fubang people fully carried forward the spirit of unity and struggle, cooperated and fought tenaciously.


    Rankings announced Here's something to be proud of:Fubang's staff did well in the competition.

    Wang shuhong won the second prize in women's 100 meters fire fighting,

    Yang xiaoshuai won the third prize of connecting water pipes,

    The relay team won the third prize of 4*100 mixed water gun relay race,

    And all the participants won the organization award.



    Fire fighting is a skill we have to master, because it's a safety measure to prevent and resolve fires. It is involved in all walks of life.

    Only by popularizing fire laws and technology knowledge, and raising public awareness of fire fighting, we can effectively prevent and reduce the harm of fire.

     Thank you for your participation and hard work.We hope we all can learn from the contestants.

    Alarm bell rings and safety should be in mind!Let’s be a better member of Fubang !


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