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    contact us

    Fubang Automotive Interior Technology – North American Office
    Metro Detroit, MI
    Sales: Tom Washburn (248) 535-6737
    Quality: Bernie Ritchey (248) 496-2368
    Email: sales@fubang-na.com

    Zhejiang Fubang Automotive Interior Technology – China Office
    Address: Qianjiang Industrial Park, Haining City, Zhejiang Province (Dingqiao Town)
    Zip code: 314414
    Phone: +86 0573 8738 2828
    Fax: +86 0573 8738 2190
    Sales: Michael.ma@fubang.com.cn

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    Supplier Development and Management
    Before potential suppliers become qualified suppliers, the company conducts a supplier survey and ask for ‘Supplier Survey Indication’, Business License and System Certificates.
    The company has formulated the ‘Procurement and Supplier Management and Control Procedures’, and conducted supplier management in strict accordance with the documents, and conducted supplier performance assessment every month.

    Supplier Traceability
    The whole process of purchase, storage, production and delivery are implemented batch number traceability management.

    Animal Welfare
    The company's suppliers are large leather suppliers in North America, South America and Australia, and pay much attention to animals and five benefits.

    ✓ Traceability of Raw material
    ➢ Only from certified suppliers that comply with International regulations for animal well being.

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