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    Fubang Automotive Interior Technology – North American Office
    Metro Detroit, MI
    Sales: Tom Washburn (248) 535-6737
    Quality: Bernie Ritchey (248) 496-2368
    Email: sales@fubang-na.com

    Zhejiang Fubang Automotive Interior Technology – China Office
    Address: Qianjiang Industrial Park, Haining City, Zhejiang Province (Dingqiao Town)
    Zip code: 314414
    Phone: +86 0573 8738 2828
    Fax: +86 0573 8738 2190
    Sales: Michael.ma@fubang.com.cn

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    Laws and Regulations

    Fubang has been aware of its responsibility to comply with the law since the early establishment of the factory, and has been committed to the strategy of minimizing risks. Therefore, it has set up the enterprise labor organization to conduct self-correction and self-inspection.
    The main duties of the trade union are as follows: caring for the life of the staff, encouraging and supporting them to learn knowledge of culture, science, technology and management, carrying out healthy work, culture and sports activities, To do a good job in trade union culture, education and sports undertakings, To supervise the implementation of relevant laws and regulations, To assist and supervise enterprise management, To do a good job in collective welfare undertakings to improve the lives of employees in terms of wages, labor safety and health, social insurance and other aspects, To participate in safety and health work according to law,Safeguarding the special interests of female workers and discriminating against or maltreating, eliminating or persecuting female workers.
    Fubang is committed to the law and fair competition, complying with the legal requirements of China and other countries, and eliminating corruption and bribery.
    When dealing with business partners and government agencies, the interests of the company are strictly separate from the private interests of employees on both sides.
    If any violation of company policy is found, investigation will be conducted and appropriate measures will be taken.
    In order to strengthen the compliance of the company's laws and regulations, the company has passed the third-party certification of ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and IATF16949. Through the comprehensive management system, the company evaluates and improves the compliance of the company's laws and regulations systematically to ensure that the company complies with the national laws and regulations.

    Occupational and Environmental Health
    Fubang attaches great importance to the physical health of every employee. The occupational health direction stipulates a strict physical examination system, from the new employee's entry physical examination to the annual occupational health examination, so as to ensure that employees have a good physical condition for the company.
    In order to ensure a good production environment for employees, the company will entrust a third party to conduct occupational environment testing every year. The china national standard: The xylene emission concentration 70mg/m3, toluene permissible emission concentration 40mg/m3, non-methane total hydrocarbon permissible emission concentration 120mg/m3, benzene permissible emission concentration 12mg/m3, The third party measured non-methane total hydrocarbon in 2018 year.The average values of the five discharge ports were 2.85/3.77/3.12/2.81/2.6, respectively, and there are not toluene and xylene.
    At the same time, the company establishes a safety committee to carry out irregular safety inspection and improvement every month to ensure the safety of employees' operation.
    Because of good performance, the company was praised by the government from Dingqiao town , awarded as ‘Advanced Unit of Safety Production’ for three consecutive years.
    In terms of working standards, the company strictly implements the rules and regulations of China's national labor law, does not use child labor, and force employees to work overtime.
    The company respects the customs of ethnic minorities. All employees of different ethnic groups are treated equally in the company.

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